AWS Tip – Server Name

There’s a problem running OGP and its associated Solr instance under Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Every time you restart or reboot you server it gets a new IP address and a new DNS name.  OGP client and the server code both need the DNS name of the Solr instance.  This is stored in ogpConfig.json.  Here’s what Solr server information from my config file:

"search":{"serviceType": "solr", 
          "serviceAddress": "http://localhost:8983/solr/collection1/select"},

Since the name of the Solr server is in the config file, you must change it every time you reboot or restart.  Here’s a simple change in solr.js to the function

org.OpenGeoPortal.Solr.prototype.getServerName = function getServerName()
        var configInfo = org.OpenGeoPortal.InstitutionInfo.getSearch().serviceAddress;
        var elements = configInfo.split(",");
        var primaryServer = elements[0];
        if (!(primaryServer.indexOf("http://") == 0||primaryServer.indexOf("https://") == 0))
            // mostly for aws where ip address changes on every reboot                                                                             
            // support for no domain name in solr specification, just use current host                                                             
            primaryServer = "http://" + window.location.hostname + primaryServer;
        var select = "select";
        if ((primaryServer.substring(primaryServer.length - select.length) == select) == false)
            // here if the server name does not end in select                                                                                      
            primaryServer = primaryServer + "select";
        console.log("solr using " + primaryServer);
        return primaryServer;

That takes care of the client, but another change is probably needed for the server.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a fix for that yet.